Quality Management

Quality management at Ingram Micro Slovakia means strategic development of the organization and processes.

We design efficient systems and processes based on comprehensive analyzes of the requirements of our customers and our work environment. In this way, we strengthen our competitiveness and ensure compliance with the law. A functioning and standardized quality management system also testifies to our ISO 9001 certificate. Quality management is not performed only on paper for the purpose of obtaining the certificate, it is rather a strategy that helps us make the right decisions about how to act sustainably. Monitor the results achieved and respond to findings or take proactive action.
Risk or opportunity - after all, it is rarely a clear situation, rather a question of how we as a company, every decision-maker and above all every individual employee shape the present and plan for the future. In our dynamic environment, we are confronted with risks and opportunities every day: new business, new customers, new legal requirements, changed circumstances.
It is important to look for answers - simple and valid answers - to eliminate risks and seize opportunities!


Ingram Micro Slovakia is also active in supporting environmental protection, pollution prevention and sustainability.

It holds the ISO 14001 certificate, in which this International Standard specifies the requirements for an environmental management system to enable the organization to prepare and implement policies and long-term objectives by taking into account legal and other requirements to which the organization is committed and information on significant environmental aspects.
By identifying environmental impacts and removing, by minimizing the negative ones, we strive for environmental responsibility and cost reduction. Our company actively adheres to the established principles of environmental management through the separation and disposal of waste, reducing energy intensity and environmental impact.


Safety and security in our warehouse

Our company successfully implements the requirements of security standards in its logistics activities and processes and also participates in the prevention and fight against crime and successfully tries to minimize the risk of economic losses related to crime and therefore holds a TAPA A certificate.
We meet the highest conditions for physical security, security procedures and systems, employee safety and provide regular security training for our company's employees.